Leaf Circle


Just like a heavy acid trip, Leaf Circle slowly crawl up your spine right into your brain. With their dreamlike compositions a calm walk on a rainy day can suddenly turn into a wild rollercoaster ride through the subconciousness. And just like a really good acid trip, Leaf Circle stick with you forever. Formed in 2012, the German trio puts Jazz, Krautrock, Progressive Rock, and Stoner in a melting pot to create their unique Power Kraut / Stoner Prog. Heavily influenced by bands and musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Can, King Crimson, Colour Haze, and Sungrazer, Leaf Circle present an unforgettable fusion of the greatest parts of psychedelic and heavy Rock. They have played around xxx shows over the years and have shared stages with well-known bands like Samsara Blues Experiment as well as underground groups like Reversed and xxx. In 2015, Hannes Brand (guitar), Mathias Büchner (bass), and Tommy Schwarzbach (drums) released their first demo. Now, almost eight years later, Leaf Circle finally unleash the beast and give human kind yet another masterpiece of heavy riffs and divine sound patterns with their debut LP Another One bites the Fuzz – a playful collection of complex catchy tunes which defy the standards of out-of-date radio stations and Spotify.